Aksìa Group has developed and consolidated an investment strategy aimed at managerial and international transformation of successful and profitable enterprises, though characterized by small and medium size, often family-run.

Being an active partner for a period between 4 and 7 years, Aksìa focuses on a sustainable value creation through concrete and long-term improvements in market performance and competitive positioning, laying the groundwork for attractive returns on investment.

Aksìa Group stands out for its operating model, refined over time which is based on a careful selection of business targets, lays out the types of possible interventions, characterizes the investment process, and envisages a hands-on involvement in the development of the portfolio company.

Investment Focus

Aksìa Group focuses on sectors where Italy boasts a highly developed tradition of specialization and international leadership. Nowadays the players within these industries are mature and increasingly exposed to global competition and technological innovation, two conditions making them ripe for an evolution of their business models and for consolidation processes.

Several Italian companies of different nature excel in these sectors: divisions or subsidiaries not interested by the parent company’s concentration process of the core business or family-run enterprises in need of reformulating their own strategies and transforming in managerial realities opened to confront with the international competition and technological innovation.

Furthermore, many of these businesses, founded after the Second World War, are also forced to face a challenging generational turnover.

The investment activity is directed towards successful companies that have been able to consolidated a clear-cut business model and gain sustainable competitive advantages.

When selecting an investment, Aksìa Group relies on specific screening criteria, which include:

  • Membership in market segments with sufficient demand
  • leadership position in its market niche
  • recognized quality of the product / service offered
  • limited standardization of the product / service
  • solid distribution network
  • highly qualified human resources
  • technological level of products and processes
  • extensive brand awareness
  • potential for further development in terms of positive trend in revenues and returns on invested capital


Aksìa Group is usually involved in discontinuity circumstances caused by strategic and extraordinary events leading to effects on companies’organizational structure, core characteristics and market position internationalization, generational changeover, management buy-outs, and technological innovation.


Several Italiany small and medium enterprise face the need for rapid internationalization in order to defend and/or revitalize their competitiveness. The opening of global markets affects not only the organizational models, but also the managerial styles and required expertise. Gaining Aksìa Group as a partner may represent a determining factor in the development of a global mind-set and a successful internationalization process.

Generational Changeover

Family-run companies have grown hand-in-hand with Italian industry and have represented a driving force for the development of the Italian economy. Italian entrepreneurs are leaders who have made their rapid adaptation to market changes a key success factor. Aksìa Group is the ideal partner for facilitating entrepreneurial succession, dimensional growth and transition from family-run business to management-based company.

Management Buyout

Managers planning to take over the company they work for are able to create with Aksìa Group a partnership with shared goals and values, oriented towards the full realization of the success potential and the maximization of the company's value. Interests alignment is reinforced by the concrete risks sharing, as buy-out managers hold significant equity stakes in the form of shares or stock options.

Technological Innovation

Several SMEs in mature industries are experiencing transformations, sometimes even disruptive, due to the introduction and spread of increasingly affordable IT tools. Along with other revolutions underway, such as miniaturization and novel materials, these may exponentially accelerate transformations for companies, processes and even entire market sectors.

Aksìa Group closely monitors these trends and is able to leverage external resources as needed to play an active role in the introduction of new technologies to enhance the competitive positioning of its portfolio companies.


Regardless of the transaction’s nature, a spin-off from a multinational giant or a family-run business, the success of an entrepreneurial transition depends on how the transaction is handled, its structure and the accurate management of the target company immediately following the acquisition.

Aksìa Group ensures a rapid, efficient and professional acquisition process, taking into account the confidentiality aspects, business assessment, and comprehensive understanding of issues in the portfolio company’s industry.

The entire negotiation process is characterized by the necessary flexibility, properly weighing the significance of the decision for the owner who created the business and nurtured its success. To conclude a mutually satisfactory transaction, Aksìa Group provides the necessary competencies, sensitivity and expertise in dialogue, the consolidated recourse to experienced professionals and coordination capabilities.

The expertise and specialization enable Aksìa Group to focus due diligence on aspects that are genuinely critical. The target’s operative functions are involved only after an agreement has been reached on the elements and conditions essential to the transaction. The entire process is carried out paying attention to minimize the time that vital resources will be taken off day-to-day management responsibilities.

The transaction structure often entails the retention for the previous owner of an equity stake to demonstrate the reciprocal trust between buyer and seller. This also gives a sense of continuity to personnel, customers and suppliers.

Creating Value

As main shareholder, Aksìa Group actively contributes to the portfolio companies’ strategies and management, assessing the most suitable development opportunities to strengthen the company’s competitive position while maintaining a strict separation between ownership and management and empowering operating managers.

Aksìa Group ensures a constant and active presence in the governing bodies and, if necessary, is able to temporarily fill operating positions with managerial resources of its network.

Ensures value-added in the implementation of industrial strategies, providing expertise, professional resources, and an operating environment that harmonizes with the needs and cultural features of the portfolio company.

Aksìa Group offers to its portfolio companies a broad range of complementary value-added services, including:

  • design and implementation of business development and internationalization criteria and processes, including assistance with mergers and acquisitions, both national and cross border;
  • development of managerial skills, support in the recruitment of middle and senior managers and in HR management, definition of incentive and compensation plans for key resources, adoption of governance and risk management models;
  • organizational and IT systems changes aimed at optimizing operative management and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of company processes;
  • selection and implementation of innovation management measures including the adoption of open innovation and corporate venture capital models;
  • raising of financial resources soft loans, planning and structuring of refinancing operations aimed at reducing debt cost and optimizinge the financial structure;
  • assistance in tax and financial planning.