From a producer of machines based on simple diaphragm pumps, Turbosol has witnessed progressive technological and commercial development up to its current complete range of products, based on screw and pneumatic pumps delivering traditional or premixed mortar for concrete and screed floors. Today Turbosol is an important, internationally recognized brand, with steady growth in sales to foreign countries, exports now making up the bulk of sales.

Sector: Pumping systems for the construction industry

Investment Year: 2007

Investment type: secondary buy-out
Share: controlling
Revenue class (€M): 10-25 (80% exported)
Employees class: 50-100
Office: Pero di Breda (Province of Treviso)
Website: www.turbosol.it

Exit year: 2018

Exit type: management buy-back

Value creation: Aksìa Group guided Turbosol in the transition from family business operating predominantly on the local level to an internationalized managerial enterprise. It supported its development in new geographical areas (Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia and South America) and the launch of new products. It brought improvements to organization, replaced and strengthened top management: CEO, CFO, COO, and head of R&D.