Founded as a mechanical workshop for the repair and maintenance of centrifugal pumps, primarily for the agricultural sector, Robuschi made significant investments in technology to become a European leader in the design, production and sale of centrifugal pumps, later adding vacuum pumps and blowers for various industries.

Sector: Blowers, vacuum pumps and centrifugal pumps and screw compressors

Investment Year: 2007

Investment type: leveraged management buy-out
Share: controlling
Revenue class (€M): 50-100 (70% exported)
Employees class: 250-500
Office: Parma
Website: www.robuschi.it

Exit year: 2011

Exit type: Trade sale to Gardner Denver Inc. (NYSE: GDI), a world leader in highly engineered products: compressors, liquid ring pumps and blowers for various industrial applications, medical, water treatment, transportation and process applications.

Value creation: Aksìa Group joined Robuschi in the development of a new line of innovative products and helped its business grow internationally. It initiated and developed the production of integrated blower systems (Robox) and rotary screw compressors. The acquisition of Gieffe Systems brought vacuum pump capabilities. Improvements have been made to the organizational structure and the management team has been strengthened.