A leading software house in publishing systems for the media, EidosMedia was founded in 1999 by initiative of a group of managers. With nearly two decades of experience in the development of vertically integrated publishing systems for large publishers, the company developed its range of innovative software around “Méthode”, a publishing platform that allows publishers to manage the simultaneous publication of content via different channels (print, web, mobile, tablet).

Sector: Leading software house focused on editorial systems for the publishing industry

Investment Year: 2010

Investment type: leveraged management buy-out
Share: control with LP co-investment
Revenue class (€M): 25-50 (70% exported)
Employees class: 100-250
Office: Milan
Website: www.eidosmedia.com

Exit year: 2015

Exit type: sold to a financial investor.

Value creation: Aksìa Group helped strengthen EidosMedia’s international presence with the opening of new branch offices in Australia, Brazil and Singapore, and promoted diversification into a new vertical market (Finance). The governance structure was reorganized and the management team strengthened both in Italy and abroad.