Founded in 1974 in Modena, CRM represents an Italian excellence in the production of piadine and tigelle, much appreciated both in Italy and abroad. For over 40 years, CRM is synonymous of Made in Italy and is recognized for its high-quality products and for being always focused on healthy and organic foods. The company has a leading position in the Italian market and boasts long-lasting relationships with Mass Market Retailers, offering its products both with CRM brand and in private label to many of the largest Italian supermarket chains.

Sector: Production and distribution of piadine, tigelle, sfogliate, focaccine and pizza bases

Investment Year: 2018

Investment type: leveraged management buy-in
Share: controlling
Revenue class (€M): 10-25
Employees class: 25-50
Office: Modena (MO)
Website: www.piada.it

Value creation: Aksìa Group acquired CRM from the founding family to guide and support it in further commercial development both nationally and internationally. With the help of the new management, the project envisages further investments in production capacity, a new marketing and communication strategy to further expand the notoriety of the products and the brand and the launch of new products. Furthermore, Aksìa intends to strengthen and expand the company also through acquisitions.